Wadih Mrad

Wadih Mrad

 Wadih Mrad was born in Syria, on June 15, 1974. Wadih Mrad is Armenian, and his real name is Garo Mrad Savarian.  At the age of 15, Wadih Murad started his artistic career; he participated in many school concerts, he composed an Orchestra system to participate in the activities and challenges with other schools. 

In 1992, after he was introduced to the Eastern orchestra, Wadih Murad began the real practice of Arabic music and Arabic songs

He created an orchestra consisting of 14 musicians and has performed in weddings and events. 

After people starting knowing him from his place of residence and nearby fans, his number of fans increased and they all encouraged Wadih Mrad to perform in the village festival where his performance was crowned with great success. 

From a touristic area in Syria and from the restaurants, Wadih Mrad began moving more and more toward fame, his name was known by a considerable number of admirers. 

In 1998, Wadih Mrad moved to Beirut, where he rose to fame. He signed a contract with a Lebanese radio and began singing in a nightclub. After a while, the radio station has produced his first album including 7 songs, with his famous song "Helwi El Dinyi", which helped Wadih Mrad become one from among many other stars. 

Wadih Mrad songs got much success and reached fans from around the world through his performances in many concerts and festivals like in the United States, the Arab world, Canada ...

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