Waed was born in the Gulf, in Saudi Arabia. Waed grew up in a family concerned with media

Since her childhood Waed loved singing and she knew that she would face great difficulties to enter the world of art because of the conservative nature of her country. 
Waed lived in Beirut before entering the world of art because she got married to Lebanese man. Despite the difficulties, Waed got much encouragement from the Gulf people and the Lebanese people as well when she started singing. 

Waed sings different types of Arabic songs and in different dialects: Gulf, Egyptian, Lebanese, Iraqi ... Some of these songs: Ebtasem, Elwada3, Inta, Jalisa, 3ala Meen, Khayfa, Albi Ana, Kelna, Ma Akder aloumak, Mani le3ba, Wah minak, seter w ghata, law kallafetni el ma7abb … and other songs. 

Waed shots several video clips of her songs like: Ana Meen, Mani Leabah, Eb3ed 3anny, Kefa…

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