Wael Jassar

Wael Jassar

Most of the singers in their first beginning in the path to fame sing for great singers like Aandalib, Aabd El Haleem hafez, Umm Kulthum and the musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab. From these singers is Wael Jassar, the Lebanese singer, who began his career in music since he was a small child, he used to sing for the great singers in the events and concerts where he lives

When he was young, he used to dream of becoming famous, and that is what he has achieved. After he had participated in local festivals, in which he won the first prize, and after he took part in the program "Al Hourouf Toughani" and surprised the audience who all voted for him and nicknamed him: The Miracle Child.  Wael Jassar took a break away from singing for several reasons, so that his voice transforms from childhood voice to youth and manhood voice.

And when he returned to the world of high art, and this time with his first album which is titled "Mashi". He chose not to imitate anyone; his voice goes well for the Tarab songs. His choice was guided by the Lebanese composer Nicolas Saadeh Nakhleh. And gave him a bouquet of tunes that distinguished him and made him pass a bridge leading immediately to the heart of the people. Of these songs: Ya tayr, Aradiki, Baddi Hebbik…and others.

He rose to fame and then disappeared and backed off for it was time to join the military service, but he managed to leave an impact through three albums in which great singer participated in.
He finished his military service and returned to music to complete what he started before.

His name grew in the music world, the name of the star Wael Jassar, and shined with his presence in the Arab Music. And one of the most important songs for Wael Jassar, and most notably: Mashi, Al Layali, Ay Ya lel, Dahak el Zaman, Saat baoul, Mishit khalas, Yom Zefafik, La Yhemounak…

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