Wael Kfoury

Wael Kfoury

Wael Kfoury's original name is Michael Kfoury.  Born in Housh Al Umara – Zahleh -Lebanon on the 14th of September 1974. He studied Music  in  Rouh Al Quds University in 1993

He has a true talent and a very strong voice . He won the golden medal in the folklore songs for his song “ Ma Waatik Bi Njoom El-Layl”. 

His first song “Ma Waatik Bi Njoom El-Layl” and the first album “Shafouha W Saroo Yoqoolo”. Then followed by: “Haflat Fuquarah”, “ Mayyitt Fiki”, Baad Al Sineen” all these albums have been produced by the MUSIC BOX.
Moreover, he has three national albums: “ Bukrah Rayih Aal Jaysh”, Haflat Mairoba” and “13 shahr”. During this period, he produced also some Video clips for national songs, he has a strong bond to his country Lebanon, and he proudly sang many songs and still till now he produces national songs .
His album “ Shubbak AL Hub” was very successful , the most famous 3  hit songs were: “AL Shawq AL Shawq” and “Ala Babak”, “Hikayat Ashiq”  and were produced as Video clips as well.
The album “Saaloni” which is the first introduction by ROTANA, includes: “Aambehroo'  I'yami”," Aman Ya Habibi" and “Mzaal Kil El Banat” as well as “lylah, lylah". Wael Kfoury ended his contract with Rotana, and produced his songs and albums on his own expense. 
He sang in America, Australia, Europe and most of the Arab countries. He participated in Jericho International Festival in Jordan. After the come back with Rotana, Wael Kfoury released his 2012 Album titled Wael Kfoury  

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