Walid Samara

Walid Samara

 Walid Samara, Jordanian singer, was born on the 24th of October 1980 in Kuwait. It is true that Walid Samara graduated and earned a mechanical Engineering degree from the Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, but his musical talents lead him to participate in Star Academy season 3.    The fact that Walid Samara not only sings, but also writes, composes and plays music has given him the opportunity to be hosted by many radio shows.   Walid Samara was one of the 19 candidates in Star academy 3, but his participation didn’t last for a long time although he was between the best candidates

For unknown reasons, Walid samara left the Academy after 2 months.  Such actions in Star Academy create rumors and scandals in the media. Walid Samara may have become famous because he has left the academy and he was interviewed by many Arabic newspapers, Arabic radios and Arabic TV channels.   Though Walid Samara has continued his musical career on his own, but he showed that he can do it and reach fame. Walid Samara has released many songs: Ansak, Bo Hussain, Haliftak, Ya Wa7ishni, Zain el nashama…   

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