Warda Al Jazairiya

Warda Al Jazairiya

Of an Algerian father and a Lebanese mother of the family Yammout, Warda Al Jazaeriya was born in France in 1939, and died on 17 May 2012 in Egypt. Warda did not wait long; since she was young she stood out in singing and began her musical life early, and in her hometown of Egypt.
She has also shined as an actress especially in the movie "Almaz and Abdu Alhmoli"
Then a section was added to her in Orbit "Watani Al Akbar" and that came at the request of the President of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser

After her marriage, and she got far from the art life, but returned back for the request of the Algerian President to sing in the Independence Day in 1972, after that date she got back to the public and her fans, then opened up to a new world of singing, but this return negatively affected her marriage, and her husband broke up with her.
She was between marriage and art, she returned to the art life and lost her husband ...

And here she is, returning to Cairo and proceeding on the new path. Though she returned, but this time she got married to the Egyptian musician Baligh Hamdi, and she started with him a double life, an artistic love journey.
And of her famous songs: Batwannes Beek, Awsefak, Ana leh, ana Aarfa, Harramt Ahebbak, nar El Gheera, Mawasem …and others ...

Warda Al Jazaeriya best enjoyed the Arab Tarab. Along with Umm Kulthum and Fairouz, Warda shows in the ranks of the immortal Arab singers, and this does not happen often. The last song of Warda Al Jazaeriya was released in 2013 after her death "Iyyam"

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