Y Crew

Y Crew

 The Y Crew band was founded in 1998 by Omar and Yassin, they agreed on creating a rap band, and settled on this distribution: Omar sings in English, and Yasin sings in French. 
Y crew started with little potentials, and recorded on cassettes, but not for long…They developed their capabilities and improved the team, some friends joined the band and named it The Strangers, until 2002. 
After the band has released many songs, unfortunately it collapsed. The members who stayed in the band are: Omar, Yassin, Abdel Ghaffar and Aatta, and returned back the initial name, Y Crew. 

Y Crew released their first album in 2003 and from Y Crew songs: El Fan El Hadith, Tadmeer El Insaniya, Leh Leh and other songs

From the old songs of Y Crew: El Hayat Sa3ba, Alherbaneen Al jarima Alkhiffiya…

Everyone pulled away in 2004 after the song Nefsi. Yassin and Omar remained in the band, and completed their journey alone. In 2009, Y Crew released the most beautiful rap songs that are distributed under the supervision of the best distributor of the Arabic rap.

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