Carla Nazih, who is she? She is Yara, the Lebanese singer; her father (Nazih) and mother (Rola), her mother accompanies her wherever she goes, and she has a bigger sister and a brother named Melhem. She is the smallest in the family

her family is from Deir Al-Ahmar in the Bekaa, she is very modest and hates looking proud, loves people and life itself and hates being alone, she divides her time between seeing her friends and being around the family and has time for herself. 

Yara didn't enjoy her childhood; she wasn't interested in dolls and toys, where as now, she adores little kids and likes spending time with them. She doesn’t think of being in a relationship right now, all what is important is the music.

From her personal life, we move to her musical and art life. With the help of Tarek Abu Jaoude, Yara was adopted by him and he started helping to build her artistic life, introduced her for the audience and chose her musical name: Yara.

Her romantic voice was set away for a while, to come back in 2005, Yara had her album: "Hobb El Kibir" followed by "Twassa fiyyi", which included 9 songs. Yara produced many songs and video clips. Yara has done 2 consecutive video clips:"Inta Menni" and "Ma Yhemmak" in which she was wearing red dresses and the red color always dominating.

As for the awards obtained by Yara, in the age of 15 years she started receiving awards. Yara got the award of best artist to come in "Kaes El Nojoom". And received numerous awards, like Murex d'Or in which she got three awards in 2006 and also the Bosna Award ...

It's true that Yara is the smallest in her family, but in the musical life, she is one of the biggest. Yara's name meets with her beautiful and compassionate voice in all her songs.


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