Yuri Mrakadi

Yuri Mrakadi

 Yuri Mrakadi was born in Lebanon where he began his musical career. Yuri Mrakadi studied in the U.S

and has become an audio engineer. He graduated and opened his own Ads company, which produced many advertisements labeled Yuri.M Production.   The fundamental role of Yuri Mrakadi in his company was being the sound engineer, sound director and author of the advertising propaganda. And during his work in the company, Yuri Mrakadi thought of singing as well, the thought that led him to release the first album: "3arabiyon Ana" which contained 7 special Arabic songs.    The fans liked his hit song "3arabiyon Ana" (I am Arabic) and since then, they waited for his second work.   Yuri Mrakadi launched his second album, "Habs el Nisa2" and the album included 11 songs. And later on, in 2004 he released “Bahebbak Moot”. And in 2005, Yuri released “Ya kasi” with 11 tracks.    Setting singing aside, the artist Yuri Mrkadi was taken as an icon for Mini Cooper cars in the world, BMW adopted him in its ads, as well as M & M company to help promote their products.    Yuri Mrakadi emerged in the world of art, until he reached the summit, which has always been his dream. His latest works involved the Standup Comedy; his ambitions are limitless, always surprising his fans with new projects.   

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