Zaki Nassif

Zaki Nassif

 The great Lebanese artist Zaki Nassif was born in the town of Mashgharah on July 4, 1916. Since his childhood and Zaki Nassif listened to songs of great artists, used to memorize and repeat it

As well as for Hymns and religious songs, Byzantine and Syriac dialects that he liked singing.
In 1924 Zaki Nassif moved to Beirut to continue his studies; he was still a student when he composed his school’s anthem. And from that time his promising musical talent was appreciated by everyone, even his neighbor gave him a Oud as a gift in 1930. 

In year 1936, Zaki Nassif joined the Music Institute at the American University, he studied playing on many musical instruments: piano, lute, cello, and learn the art of music composition and singing for three years. 

He worked in the field of trading leather, and planting seeds, until year 1953 when Zaki Nassif decided to work in the music field. 

Zaki Nassif started his artistics career as a composer, and he signed a contract with the Near East Radio in 1953. And after working with many famous figures, Zaki Nassif joined the Rahbani brothers, Philemon Wehbe, Sabri Sharif, who was the first to sing from his music composition, and formed the so-called League of the five (3osbat AlKhamsa), and whose purpose was to get away from the normal and common singing.

The real breakthrough of Zaki Nassif was in Baalbek Festival in 1955, where he sang the Dabkeh songs derived from the Lebanese folklore. In 1956, due to the Lebanese war circumstances Zaki Nassif moved to work with the Lebanese radio station as a music composer and Violoncello player. 
Zaki Nassif joined the Ora group, composed its music, and then he taught music at the National Music Institute, and the musical school that belongs to the Apostles College. 

Zaki Nassif was between the juries of Studio el Fan for years; in addition to composing music for big artists and for TV series.

In 2004, Zaki Nassif parted from his loved ones, but all his songs and music have an eternal existence and will never be forgotten.      

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