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What is ListenArabic ?

ListenArabic.com is an Arabic online entertainment social website. On ListenArabic.com, people can listen to Arabic music radio, Arabic songs and watch Arabic music video clips, while reading the latest Arab entertainment news. ListenArabic.com has dedicated itself for the Arab users and provided them with many language tools like Arabic translation, Transliteration (Ta3reeb), Arabic Keyboard and chat.

ListenArabic also has its own Online Arabic Radio: People can Tune in directly to the Radio ListenArabic on the website or install the Arabic Radio mobile free app on iPhone, Android, Nokia, and Blackberry or they can choose to have the ListenArabic Pro App on their Mobiles and listen to all Arab Radios from one App.

Where is ListenArabic available?

ListenArabic is available worldwide. We exist beyond borders, reaching all fans around the Arab World, USA, Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia… Wherever you are, you can connect to ListenArabic and enjoy our best music. 

Our audience stretch from the Arab countries to USA and Europe. Visitors listen to Arabic music from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Italy, Sweden and France…

How do I use ListenArabic ?

ListenArabic is a free access website, you can listen to Arabic music songs for free, watch Arabic videos for free, use Arabic keyboard for free, listen to Arabic radio on your mobile and tablets:

 Who are we?

We are a passionate group indulged in Arabic music, news and community, working on ListenArabic.com and we are strongly devoted for our work and we put forth all our efforts to provide YOU the best experience.


ListenArabic.com new and loyal visitors love to listen to music, watch movies or Arabic music videos and other Arab comedy movies. ListenArabic.com users like to listen to Arabic audio books on mobiles and on the move. We have developed many features on our website in order to enhance the user experience for an easy, accessible, and free Arabic audio service without the need to illegaly download Arabic songs.

Listen to Live Arabic Music Radio - Best iPhone Android Nokia BlackBerry App ListenArabic.com

Some of our Arab users around the World and in the Arabic countries asked us to have fresh, updated and latest top Arab songs, albums, news and releases. For our fans, we have created a Chart of the Week that features the Top 10 Arabic Songs  of every week and we follow the latest news of Arabic Celebrities and artists, gossips and rumors, and we bring them to you on our Arabic Entertainment Music news section.

We have also enhanced our real and live English to Arabic translation service for free with an easy typing Arabic keyboard in addition to a transliteration tool Ta3reeb to help our users in writing and keeping up with the Arabic language. 

ListenArabic.com is a proud sponsor for many Arabic concerts and educational courses that develop Arab and International skills for students who wants to learn how to play Qanoon, Oud, Mazamir with a full free Arabic music sheet. You can also play the keyboard on our online Music keyboard - Express your talents !

Our live TV section was a response to the high on demand live streaming TV and video streaming of Arabic news channels, and live radios for each Arab country specially when following very important political changes such as in Egypt, Jordan, Tunis, Yemen.

On ListenArabic.com, you can only listen to the music and songs, and listeners cannot find Arabic Music download service, buy the Arabic Album CDs from iTunes or Amazon widget found on our website on all the Arabic artists pages. You can buy From the Top 40 Arabic Classic Bar Grooves to normal Rotana music cds and other belly dance DVD courses.

Back from old time (Thomas Edison, on December 4th 1877 introduced an easy way to  record and play back the human voice) until our days as of 2010, people tend to listen to music more often in metros, train stations, airplanes, and even at work. Some others try to listen to music when they play poker, or online games or when they are using some Arab torrents to download movie BUT here at ListenArabic.com we thrive to give our users the ability to listen to anything concerning the Arabic world in a LIVE, FREE and up to date environment.

You can Listen to our online Arabic Radio - ListenArabic Radio  or even have our Arabic radio on your mobile and enjoy arabic songs on the go ...

There is a hot trend where everyone wants to listen to music online, for free and right now; with ListenArabic.com, you can be a follower of this trend.


The Arabic music connects people together in a rhythm of sacred and secular posture to breathe attack you and take you to a world where you engage in the Arabic culture.

Public opinion studies shows that fewer people are willing to pay in order to listen to music but ListenArabic.com do not completely agree and likes to reward Arabic singers to upload their music and albums online.

ListenArabic.com Team recommends all people to listen to music whenever you have good or bad mood because the soul, rhythms are a good spiritual aspires but be careful not to hurt your ears with loud music volume.

From 2006 to 2014, ListenArabic.com team launched new platforms 4.0 and added 35 new features:

  1. Listen to Quran in Arabic and English online and locate the Qibla.
  2. Translation from Arabic to any other languages and from all languages to Arabic
  3. Watch online Arabic Movies for free www.listenarabic.com/movies/
  4. Listen to all Arabic radios online www.listenarabic.com/radio/
  5. Watch Arabic TV online for free www.listenarabic.com/tv/
  6. Instead of traditional learning process where Arabic books took place and were the main sources for learning and teaching people, www.ListenArabic.com will introduce a new way to study Arabic online with Arabic lessons, courses, softwares and online learning classes to teach you daily new Arabic phrases, Arabic language, and to learn how to trade forex online or other stocks that might interest Arab investors.
  7. We have added 4 other sections: Buy Arabic Music CDs and Arab Movie, Films, Documentaries DVDs online.
  8. We have also released a new section to send your lovers Arabic happy birthday songs.
  9. Listen to latest Arabic News on Radio or TV online.
  10. New way to keep in touch and use your arabic keyboard from our arabic toolbar for music, tv, translation, ta3reeb, and arabic webcam chat.
  11. Live Arabic Radio on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Nokia where you can download for free on your mobile phones and enjoy in real time our music streaming and dedications via Google, Facebook and Twitter, and send your songs dedication to your facebook friend.
  12. Listen Arabic will not forget to enhance its educational and Arabic seminars section that can help all jobs seekers in the Arab World from Forex to Banking.


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