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To buy advertising on, or to get our media kit, please contact us: [email protected] reaches millions of people who enjoy listening and discovering Arabic music online and search for the latest Arabic music video clips, Arabic entertainment shows, Arabic Movies & series and read entertainment news from the entire Arab world. People join our music social community, enjoy chatting with friends and share pictures & photos of Arabic celebrities and artists, share their music interests, and watch Arabic videos, Arabic TV Channels, listen to Arabic Radios, write Arabic using our online Arabic keyboard, Ta3reeb or transliteration tool, or translate from any language to Arabic...


Quick Facts about is by far the leading Arabic Music website online, founded in 2006

- 10,580,000 average visitors yearly

- More than 26,327,420 yearly pageviews. 

- Visits come from 234 countries. Top Countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, USA, UAE, Tunisia, Jordan, Iraq, India, Italy, Syria, Germany, France, Spain …

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Radio ListenArabic launched in Lebanon in 2011

- Non-stop Arabic music, 24/7

- 578 000 monthly active listeners worldwide

- Average of 150 listeners/minute