Pascale Machaalani’s Egyptian fan sentenced with jail for 3 years

Posted on May 31st, 2010 by Samar Kai

An Egyptian lawyer was sentenced with jail for 3 years with the accusation of being obsessed with the Lebanese singer Pascale Machaalani, after he threatened to kill her unless she marries him.

The obsessed man spread rumors that Pascale Machaalani is his wife and he has a child from her, although the singer is still single. Media sources said that the lawyer threatened to kill her manager, Melhem Abou-Chedid during a television interview, and that he was attacked by Lebanese political leaders, accusing them that they prevented his marriage to Pascale.

The Egyptian lawyer has created a website to express his love and his passion for Pascale Machaalani, and threatened to commit suicide if she refuses to marry him. Such a obsessed man !



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