Haifa Wehbe in “Halawet Rouh”

Posted on April 4th, 2014 by Hind Abboud

Haifa Wehbe - Halawet rou7

Haifa Wehbe’s new movie “Halawat Rouh”, talks about Rouh a girl that needs money to live, so she uses her sweet voice to work in a pub. Rouh faced many problems especially from her neighbor that wanted to exploit her. This film is produced by Mohammad Al Sabaki, and directed by Sameh Abd El Aziz.

The daring role of Haifa was criticized by her fans that thought that it was somehow disrespectful, and now there is a kind of misunderstanding between the public whether the movie is already released, or will be released between the 8th or 10th of April. Haifa has been ignoring this misunderstanding, and isn’t replying to the tweets concerning it.




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