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Yawmiyyat Ghalboun Festival 2015 schedule

Posted on July 5th, 2015 by Samar Kai

Yawmiyyat Ghalboun Festival 2015 are celebrating Ghalboun Bi-yearly Art Festival from 25 July till 2 August 2015. 25 July 2015: Classic and Opera Night Cello Concerto by Louis Parra El Khoury Beirut Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Harout Fazlian 26 July 2015: … Continue reading

OLT20 – The week of December 15, 2013

OLT20 December 15, 2013
Posted on December 16th, 2013 by listenarabic – Official Media Partner of OLT20 – bringing you the weekly updates of The Official Lebanese Top 20 . In the chart of December 15, 2013, OLT20 witnesses a progress for Carlos Azar at number 4 for his song “Osset wa2et” while “Weilak” for the Lebanese … Continue reading

Joseph Attieh releases his 2013 song WAILAK

Posted on November 12th, 2013 by Samar Kai

The Lebanese artist Joseph Attieh finally released his new song “Weilak” through his social media channels, and on the Lebanese and Arab Radios. Joseph Attieh 2013 song is written by Emile Fahed, composed by Wassim Boustany, and arranged by Omar … Continue reading

OLT20 تسعة اغنيات جديدة في

Posted on September 10th, 2012 by listenarabic

احدث المراتب الخمسة في الاحصاءات اللبنانية الرسمية للمرّة الاولى ومنذ عامّ وأكثر قد مضى على بدء الاحصاءات اللبنانية الرسمية  The Lebanese Official Top 20 ، في أسبوع 9 ايلول 2012 ، معنا 9 أغنيات جديدة في اللائحة  هذا الأسبوع، تمكّنت اغنية جورج … Continue reading