Why did Nancy Ajram cry?

Posted on November 25th, 2009 by Samar Kai

Nancy Ajram-Akher Man Ya3lam-MBC

Nancy Ajram appeared in an interview with the Yemeni singer Arwa on MBC in a program titled “Akher Man Ya3lam” (The Last to know); in her interview, Nancy Ajram stated that she will retire before  the age of fifty, because by that age she would become a grandmother

Nancy Ajram repeated a statement she has already said before, that her manager Jiji Lamara would not succeed without her; and also adding  that without Jiji  Lamara, she will not sing anymore

And in this spontaneous interview, Nancy Ajram was so honest as she has always been. She answered all the questions simply and smartly…But why did Nancy Ajram cry? Yes, everyone saw Nancy Ajram‘s tears twinkling in her eyes, they aroused with her pure humanitarian feelings when she saw a member of her orchestra sitting on the stage, after 4 months of absence due to physical health problems

Nancy Ajram talked about many things, starting from her childhood and her early beginning as a young singer in the art world, and her relationship with her family; she also revealed news for the first time

Nancy Ajram will perform along with Fares Karam at the Marriott Hotel in Layali Eid 2009 concert on November 27. She will also perform at the Mövenpick Hotel with Fadel Shaker on Monday 30th of November

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