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The bible is the Christian religious book, (Injil to all Arabic speaking people) the Old Testament is called “Tanakh”, and the new one is the New Testament. The origin of the word Bible comes from the Latin word “Biblia”. The bible is the holy book that has several versions like KJV, NKJV, NIV TNIV. The bible is also the holy text of the Hebrew, Jewish. The Old Testament was written before the birth of Jesus and Christians accepted the Old Testament and then modified it and created the New Testament.   

The New Testament talks about the life of Jesus in all its stages, it states quotes said by Jesus himself, and his teachings. People argue in what language was the bible written, some say it is Greek, others say it is Aramaic. However, it is divided into 4 different interpretations; that of Mathew, Mark, John and Luke, with letters of Apostle Paul. 
The verbal index of the bible is the bible concordance that helps reach biblical words each with indications of where it is found in the bible. The bible dictionary provides definitions and explanations of certain words and versus of the bible. There are some bible quotes that could be interpreted differently, but in the end they join one close meaning. In the Christian holy book, the bible, there exist forms of explanations, one that is rational, and one that is revealed; these are called exegesis, or bible commentary. Within the bible, there are a series of messages or bible codes that are full with wisdom since they are the words of the prophets. 
The Catholic Church published the whole Bible at Rome in 1671 and the Arabic translation of the bible was done under the direction of the Catholic Archbishop of Damascus: Sergius Risi and Francis Britius who helped in the Arabic translation.
On, you can read the Old Testament and the New Testament while hearing Christian hymns and Arabic Christian Worship songs called “Taratil Masi7iya”  (تراتيل مسيحية)
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