guest188077 :)>-

s_ yes it´s my business why findout

guest846219 hi hi hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 51184

omar diab sonia talk to me

Kukucciar what about u findout?

Samia hey what do u want me to answer

omar diab in privet

findout nothing this is a free country

guest846219 this is me nono for

guest846219 i am here

omar maroc samia

findout what about me france?

Samia wi

guest51184 i want your addres

guest846219 who want speek to me

Samia whose from Morocco here

Kukucciar yes. what do u do?

s_ kuk:*:*:*

findout Im a computer graphicer

findout and u

Kukucciar cool

guest51184 i m from australia are you?

findout merci

s_ /:) kuk

Samia hello

Stargirl Hi 2 all:*:*

guest51184 samia where are you?

guest846219 P) this nono

Kukucciar excuse-me findout but i think my ex girlfriend s_ is a little bit jealous... :D

findout I like italy so much

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet hi

omar maroc my hotmail maroc-------------

findout she has all the right

Kukucciar u travelled in italy?

Samia me too haha

guest51184 samia are you a boy?.

s_ lol:X

Samia limada

findout I wish to

sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet :* for all of you

Samia no iam a girl

Kukucciar s_: our story is over!

Kukucciar :D

Samia i love this name samir

guest51184 realy?

Samia yes why /

Samia you like me

Kukucciar where r u from?

Belal na3am ya c d 3awiz ieh mn elmasreyeen

findout egypt

guest51184 because i want to meet you


Samia sudan

findout yes belat

Belal Yes find out

guest51184 samia where are you from?

Samia ntou 3wanin

Samia sudan

rola no

guest20917 aman,i'm from malaysia(rapper)

Kukucciar sudan... it's very far!

Samia im from morocco

guest51184 ok sorry

guest51184 bye samia

Samia brb my brother is using the pc

findout I sail egypt

Belal zo2ak inta ya ibn balady

guest188077 ehlaen

driss my name is i am from brazil

driss and you

s_ hi driss

guest723500 fick dich

Kukucciar o teu nome è?

omar maroc mmmmmmmaaaaarrrrrrrrroooooooooooocccccccccccc

Belal sami7na ya amoureuse

driss dris e voice

Belal ma3lish ya sity ana aasif 3ala elghal6a

driss hola


s_ driss????

findout dont worry

rola :X:X

omar maroc cccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

مشرد المصريين 8(|)

omar maroc ricardo kaka

Belal leek elsharaf ya Mosharid

Kukucciar amoureuse, ce nom là est très sympatique

s_ ai ai kuk

findout do what ever u want france

Belal saba7 elfoll 3ala elgaza2ir ya anissa

rawan سيف iwant talk to u after 12 hour

sugargirl B)sabah el kheir

مشرد المصريين P)

مشرد المصريين :'(

s_ sugargirl sabah el nour

sugargirl hi 2 u s_

88458 995

sweet hi dears

sugargirl :>

guest984083 :*