traveller dana


Rosa del (U) deserto hii lilooooooooooooooooooooo

dana ur not

traveller yes im not

mohssinesamy wallah maba3ref ya rosa kifek

(l) lilooo (l) rosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hi

dana ur not a muslim traveller

lInA21 thamxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mohsssss

traveller yes im not

dana how come


lInA21 traveller u muslim

traveller what

traveller no lina

lInA21 ??????????

traveller asf

mohssinesamy welcom habibti lina

lInA21 heheheheeh sorry traveller

dana i am

traveller its ok babe

traveller ok no p

Rosa del (U) deserto offffffffffffffff

lInA21 welcome to u mohsssssssss

lInA21 mwahhhhhhhhhhh

traveller what rose

lInA21 hehehehheeheh traveller

dana bidi arooooooh anam

lInA21 mohsssssssssss

traveller dana?

dana gdnigh

mohssinesamy chokran lina= thanks muaaaaaaahhhhh to

Rosa del (U) deserto net byefseel

dana good night

mohssinesamy na3am lina

(L)(L)janina(L)(L) inaharda fara7i ya gid3an

traveller dana

dana ye

Rosa del (U) deserto hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

dana a

(L)(L)janina(L)(L) ;P

(L)(L)janina(L)(L) hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

mohssinesamy dana

dana yea

lInA21 mohsssss mwahhh to utoo

traveller brivite 1 min ok

lInA21 hhhhhhhhhhh

traveller ?

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lInA21 dana r going to sleep yyy

dana i g2g

dana yea

traveller 1 min

^^SoMeBoDy^^ eno eno hi

dana why

lInA21 yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy dana wat the time

Rosa del (U) deserto hiiiiiii someeee

mohssinesamy dana wat time ya dana ? 4h

mohssinesamy hi rosita

traveller you dont like ok

lInA21 dana in australia is 7.43pm

^^SoMeBoDy^^ dodo hi

^^SoMeBoDy^^ labas

lInA21 dana

Rosa del (U) deserto ca va merciii

traveller shes go

Rosa del (U) deserto e toi

traveller dana

lInA21 danaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

lInA21 danaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

dana whattttttttttttt

mohssinesamy its 10h30 in morocco

_-+big boss_-+ hiiii

^^SoMeBoDy^^ cava shiere

Rosa del (U) deserto ??

lInA21 niceeeeeeeeee mohsssssssss

traveller i say 1 min do you like or not?

dana ok

dana say what u want

lInA21 in australia is 7.43pm mohssssssssssss

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Rosa del (U) deserto bien

mohssinesamy looooll lina

lInA21 r u laughting mohsssssssssssss

lInA21 heheheheheheheh

mohssinesamy hhhhhh

the king alger rozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

mohssinesamy lina

the king alger rozzzzzzzzzzzzz

Rosa del (U) deserto ya some

(l)yoyo(l) hiiii

the king alger bisoooooooooooooooooooooooo

mohssinesamy lina

mohssinesamy lina

mohssinesamy lino

lInA21 yaa mohs

lInA21 mwahhhhhhhhhhhhh

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mohssinesamy you dont going to lebnan this year

NoBudY is PeRfeCt i Am NobUdY ahamed ali hi lina and yasmeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn