tota1994 inta walad willa binat?

Irqboy hey girles,I heard that's your accent is totally difernet than ours in Us

ghost don't leave me alone

lovely girl hun ur nt on msn no more????????

DOLY im good look at lovely girl and the ghost what r the doing

tota1994 hay someone give me there msn

tota1994 come on lets be friends

Irqboy hey guys i get to go to sleep now ,

Irqboy it's too late now

DOLY i love to but i dont have one

Irqboy here is my yahoo

tota1994 ok

Irqboy if some one like to contact me

tota1994 give it

mch123 hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Irqboy rafedrafed81

redpacific salam

tota1994 ghost give me your email

Irqboy it's yahoo

tota1994 ok

redpacific hi

DOLY where are you redpacific

Irqboy so, hit me up and I will add u

Irqboy o.k

redpacific i am here

tota1994 what?

Irqboy hey doly did u get that

redpacific votre email doly


redpacific why

Jory ^_^ (ninja)

Irqboy I just write my yahoo

Irqboy common

redpacific my

redpacific my email doly?


Irqboy rafedrafed81

Irqboy it's yahoo

Irqboy hit me up

redpacific redpacifi1

Irqboy did u get it


redpacific for doly

Irqboy it's yahoo

tota1994 redpacific can i take your email?

redpacific yes

Irqboy @yahoo

tota1994 i can

tota1994 how old are you redpacific?

redpacific ok doly

Rahed does any one has arabic lyrics

Rahed site

Irqboy tota, u don't want mine

Irqboy lol

tota1994 yes

redpacific i dont old

tota1994 i took yours

DOLY me too

Rahed what is the site

Irqboy u too what doley

tota1994 how old are you redpacific?

redpacific I DONT THE (( OLD)))

tota1994 how old are u

tota1994 just tell me

redpacific old =age

Irqboy oh my god

tota1994 how old are you redpacific?

Irqboy he don't even know what old mena

tota1994 ha ha ha

Irqboy lol

tota1994 what is your age?

DOLY thats right redpacific

Irqboy hey tota,did u get mine yet

redpacific **** you total

tota1994 what is your age??????????????

redpacific think'doly

redpacific 35

tota1994 wow

tota1994 omg

redpacific and you

tota1994 are u married?

tota1994 iam 15

redpacific yes

redpacific LOVE YOU SEXE ((TOTAL))

Irqboy I told u he is out of the game

tota1994 wow

Irqboy hey,stop talking ****

tota1994 how many children do u have?

Irqboy red whtever

redpacific wat loving or no

Irqboy whta is he writting

tota1994 how many kids do you have?

tota1994 redpacific

redpacific wat

Irqboy I will go with 13

redpacific total

Irqboy he know no english

DOLY do you love your wife

redpacific yes

Irqboy he dose