prince originally yemeni

ayat ya where u from

ayat wat u dont understand

salley r u sure

omarbb tro2englais

prince from ibb

guest382485 some word like ny

ayat guest wat u dont understsand

ayat new york

prince ny sucks

guest382485 ayet i told some words like ny

ayat ny stand 4 new york

BACI TOOOOUNES ma fich ana za3lan

prince ny is full of hoes

salley prince can i ask u something

ayat loooooooooool


prince make it nice

salley why r u rude

prince bc my customers drive me crazy

salley then dont be rude to us

ayat well dont take ur anger out here

prince y not

angel_love hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-

salley we are trying to be nice to u

guest382485 hi good man

good man هangel_loveاي

prince ok fine so im i

salley hi goodman

a7la medo hay my friends?

ayat com on prince where here 2 have fun not fight

prince medo shut up

prince ok ayat

angel_love sara

ayat k medo hi

salley medo hi

prince sara sounds so pretty r u

angel_love wa inta

a7la medo you shut up :*

good man هاي salley

prince ok medo my bad do u

ayat prince how old r u

a7la medo hay ayat hay salley

salley how are you goodman

good man :<

prince im ****ing 21

salley hi a7la medo

salley kefak

guest382485 prince what you do in your life

prince im *****star

ayat wow u sound like 18

a7la medo good

a7la medo ?U

guest382485 hayet are you a student

ayat who

omar germany hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii salley

prince im a student 2

salley fine thx

omar germany kifek

good man هايomar germany

ayat really prince

prince im also a pimp

ayat wat r u going as

prince i go to nyu

salley i thought so prince

a7la medo how old are you sally?

salley 22

salley u

omar germany finek ayat

a7la medo 16

rasheed hii

prince who wants my phone #

good man :)>-

angel_love any one live in manchester

omar germany ana za3lan menk awy ayat

guest382485 prince how old are you

ayat no wat r u studying

salley no one

prince 21 prince is 21

ayat prince man chilllllllllllll

sky girl...1 baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack..!!

salley thats why prince

prince wats ur name

prince oh itsmlike that now

rasheed marhaba ya gma3a

prince u callingme a baby

angel_love yhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok

angel_love ahlin bik:)

salley kind of

ayat who prince

rasheed habeebi

salley hi rasheed

prince a nga from ny

ayat prince r u drunk

rasheed hi salley

salley thats what i said

ayat loooool

salley ow are u rasheed

guest382485 i study in school of ingenieurs

rasheed guys do i need to sign up to download music ?