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NB: Kindly keep the conversations respectful, or we will be obliged to block users who use bad words in this chatroom.

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Arabic chat is called 'dardacha' in the Arabic language. People join to share ideas and discuss different issues. You can find Arabic people in Arabic chat rooms or international chat rooms chatting online in Arabic or English. 

Share Arabic jokes and enjoy the live funny Arab chat rooms dardacha online for free.

All you have to do is join and choose your chat nickname, and directly begin live chatting with Arabs and make friends from all around the world.

Communicate with Middle East Arabs in local chat rooms. The free chat allows you to meet Arab singles; girls chat from Lebanese chat rooms, Egyptian chat rooms, Tunisian chat rooms… Live chat now in Arab chat rooms and become a member in the Arabic social community that embraces Arab men and Arab women from all over the world. Chatting may be your first step to date Arab single Muslim and single Arab Christian. 
The Arabic chat language is just like the Arabic SMS language used every day. Since the Arabic language and Arabic alphabet are that of a complex structure, Arabic people have developed their own way in chat language. For example, the difficult Arabic letters are written this way: ح=7, 5=خ ,9=ص, '9=ض, 6=ط, '6=ظ, 3=ع, '3=غ, q=ق  
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