Arabic Dictionary

Arabic dictionary defines Arabic words - Arabic English dictionary - Arabic Arabic dictionary

The Arabic dictionary contains Arabic words which are alphabetically arranged, each with pronunciation tips, definition of the word, and list of derivatives of the same Arabic word.

The first Arabic dictionary titled "Kitab Al Ayn" was written by Khalil Ibn Ahmad, who wrote the biographical dictionary. 
The word "dictionary" is translated from English to Arabic as "Al Kamous", synonyms of Kamous are: Mounjid, and Mou3jam.
Arabic Arabic dictionary provides the Arabic words with its Arabic meaning. 
Arabic English Dictionary provides the Arabic words with its pronunciation written in English to help speak Arabic and the meaning of the Arabic words is given in English definition.
Lately, you can find the modern Arabic dictionary that includes Arabic words spoken in daily life which differs from the literal Arabic words. This helps most the tourists in Arabic countries to get along the Arabic people and understand what is spoken.
The Arabic dictionary would help anyone who is willing to learn Arabic language.