Science Teacher Job - Al Resala Bilingual School

1. To provide effective teaching in the school.
2. To undertake patrol, supervisory and extracurricular.
3. To contribute to academic, pastoral and general development of the school.

1- Major Responsibilities:
1. To teach classes as timetabled by the Head of Department.
2. To undertake supervision duties as directed by school administration.
3. To plan both long and short range activities in accordance with curriculum objectives and school philosophy.
4. To prepare course objectives and outline for course of study following curriculum guidelines required by the school.

2- Teacher’s Performance:
1. Prepare weekly plan charts ad daily lesson plans.
2. Work cooperatively with the co-teacher assigned for the class.
3. To vary the methods of teaching.
4. To prepare and present effective lessons within the curriculum guidelines received for these classes.
5. To focus on the importance of the integration between skills such as thinking, listening, writing, reading etc.
6. To link the new skills with the previous ones.
7. To show awareness of the content of the subject taught.
8. To prepare written schemes of work.

3- Class Management:
1. To maintain punctuality and helpful readiness for all classes.
2. To follow up a quite method in disciplinary and behavior control.
3. To determine what is expected of students’ behavior and to implement it with constancy and continuity.
4. To encourage the positive behavior and treat the negative behavior according to school rules and procedures
5. To provoke the enthusiasm of the students by giving the examples and proper directions.
6. To set up high expectations of student conduct and performance and to maintain good discipline in and out classroom.
7. To keep all appropriate records such as Exam papers, Grades, Worksheets, attendance and schedules.

- Class Environment and Good Usage of the Tools:
1. To maintain a safe and healthy environment.
2. To maintain cleanse and neatness of the class.
3. To maintain a continuous and changeable presentation on the bulletin boards reflect concepts and skills taught.
4. To prepare a suitable range of materials for effective teaching to form part of the school’s resources bank.
5. To use the proper and the required materials for explaining the lessons.
6. To inspect and replace damaged or lost materials.
7. To vary the materials and unique anew and proper invention of it which suit the lesson objectives.
8. To arrange a classroom environment in accordance to program goals and philosophy.
9. To prepare and set up a pleasant and instructive teaching environment in which students will feel welcome and happy.

(5) Relate to students:
1. To evaluate students regularly both formally and informally, by oral and written means.
2. To recognize students’ differing needs and provide appropriate work and activities within the agreed curriculum guidelines.
3. To identify students with special needs and recommend appropriate help for these to Head of Department / or Principal.
4. To set and correct appropriate homework, following agreed procedures.
5. To set, prepare and mark tests, exams following agreed procedures.
6. To complete follow up and document the assessment of children’s development.
7. To liaise with other staff members on all relevant areas concerning the students’ performance and discipline.
8. To assist new students in setting down.
9. To praise, support and encourage students as appropriate.
10. To discipline students within agreed limits and using agreed procedures.
11. To familiarize students with the procedures, structures and rules of the school.
12. To maintain records of students achievements, activities, disciplinary problems.
13. To meet the emotional, social, physical needs of each student.

Job Details Date Posted: 2012-01-25 Job Location: Jordan Job Role: Education/Training Company Industry: Education, Training, and Library Preferred Candidate Career Level: Mid Career Nationality: United Arab Emirates; Bahrain; Djibouti; Algeria; Egypt; Iraq; Jordan; Comoros; Kuwait; Lebanon; Libya; Morocco; Mauritania; Oman; Palestine; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Sudan; Somalia; Syria; Tunisia; Yemen Degree: Bachelor's degree/higher diploma

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