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Learn Arabic Language Online through Arabic Alphabets Video Educational sessions and courses on ListenArabic.com

Here's a list of useful pages that will help you learn Arabic, learning from free online tools is the easiest and quick way to start talking and understand Arabic: 

Arabic Language
Arabic Alphabet
Arabic Dictionary
Arabic Names
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Arabic Keyboard
Arabic Translation
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Learn Arabic

"Ahlan Wa Sahlan" Welcome to ListenArabic.com. We will help you learn Arabic language free. 

You can listen to Arabic music and watch Arabic movies and you get startled by the Arabic culture in its richness. Learn Arabic language basics online using the following Arabic language tools:

Arabic Language: Discover the origin of the Arabic language, where is the Arabic language spoken, how the Arabic language is written. Find out more about Arabic language learning that include learning Arabic words and Arabic phrases that are essential to know as a beginner Arabic student. 

⇒ Arabic Alphabet: Learn Arabic alphabet and listen to Arabic pronunciation through Arabic alphabet songs. Arabic alphabet audio helps with the Arabic learning process, especially when listening to Arabic alphabet for kids; it is just as sending them to Arabic school. 

⇒ Arabic Dictionary: Some Arabic words have various definitions and different interpretations. Arabic dictionary to English translates the definition of Arabic words to English directly. Just like any dictionary, you can find Arabic dictionary pronunciation as an essential tool to learn how to speak Arabic. 

⇒ Arabic Keyboard: Arabic keyboards are not found everywhere, for this reason we offer you using our free Arabic keyboard online to help you write Arabic letters and Arabic words from computers that don’t have Arabic symbols. It is an easy tool that offers you to write Arabic and edit Arabic text quickly with indications and some tips. Arabic keyboarding is trouble-free, it edits the Arabic letters itself and you don’t have to worry about mistakes.  

⇒ Arabic Translation: It is a tool that helps you with Arabic translation; translate Arabic words to any other language, like translate Arabic to English online and it is a free Arabic translation. Translate Arabic language in order to better understand Arabic texts. Translate Arabic words    


The various Arabic countries and where the Arabic language is spoken generate different Arabic pronunciation. Learn Colloquial Arabic online lessons and try to imitate the sounds as much as possible and you'll be able to speak Arabic wherever needed. 

It is very essential to know that even if the Arabic language is a very hard language to learn, but learning Arabic language is very interesting and challenging. It is not the same as learning English language. You have to put some efforts as a beginner and you will soon maintain a worthy language through practicing: listen Arabic, speak Arabic and write Arabic. It is important to know about the Arabic culture and memorize essential Arabic words and at later stages it becomes an intrinsic activity.      

Learn Arabic Language Online through Arabic Alphabets Video Educational sessions and courses on ListenArabic.com