Online Music Keyboard - Play the piano on your computer

This is a music keyboard online software to play music on your computer anytime, play music online for free




 This Arabic music keyboard online software allows you to play music on your computer. You can choose from the different musical instruments like organ keyboard, piano, violin or pan flute.

Instructions on how to play keyboard:

You can either press the keys with your mouse or use your computer keyboard keys. To get help which keys correspond to which music note click on the white keyboard sign on the upper left and the letter will be shown.


The white notes or white keys are represented from left to right by the following letters and keyboard keys: Q W E R T Y U I O P [ ] enter
The black notes or black keys are represented from left to right by the following numbers and keyboard keys: 1 3 4 5 7 8 0 - = backspace

This music keyboard software helps you learn and practice with music keyboard lessons. When you play the music keyboard, if you use the mouse it would be hard and slow to generate a music sound.

However if you practice playing the music keyboard with both hands on the computer keyboard, you might train manipulating your fingers and thus produce a great music composition. 
The Virtual Music keyboard online is a very creative music tool that allows users to discover their hidden music talents and reveal their musical excellencies with pride.


NB: Please note you can go to if you want the traditional Arabic key board without music or Arabic Google search keyboard.