Top Arabic Music Player Quicklist to play your favorite Arab songs on

Top Arabic Music Player Quicklist to play your favorite Arab songs on


Create your own Arabic songs playlist on ListenArabic. You can choose from the Arabic music library a wide variety of Arabic songs, add them under the Quicklist, enjoy your playlist online and share it with your friends. 

How to create a playlist on ListenArabic:

1-Login with your username and password; if you are not a member, Register now for Free
2-Open the Arabic music Library
3-Choose from the Arabic music by countries or from the list of Arabic singers. 
4-Under each Arabic singer profile, there are Music and Albums tabs from which you can search for the Arabic songs you like.
5-On the left of each Arabic song title, there is a plus button (+), click on it, and the song is directly added to your Quicklist. 
6- Your Quicklist is found on the right, Save your playlist and enter a title so that you can share it with your friends. 
7-Once you have saved the Quicklist, you are ready to listen to your Top Arabic songs.
The playlist online you have created is the Quicklist of personalized songs that you can share with other users and friends. You also have access to other users' Quicklists. Users can stream Arabic music playlist, shuffle between the Arabic songs in the Quicklists or simply listen to the Arabic songs added in order. The most listened to Quicklists are added to the Top 5 Arabic songs playlists. 

Quicklist joins the Arabic online community together through sharing Arabic music playlists.
Now you can create your own Quicklist! 

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