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The Quran is the Islam Holy Book; it is considered an eternal miracle. It is the guide for Muslims who seek to accomplish Allah's pleasures. The Islam Holy book provides rules and duties to follow so that Muslims have good relation with God. Islam have the five pillars which include:  the Islamic creed (Al Shahada), a duty to pray 5 times per day, they fast, and they visit Mecca at least once in their life, and they do welfare actions which is called Zakat. recommends you listen to Holy Quran for free. Listen to Arabic Holy Quran and English Koran, without the need to download Quran recitation. Listen to Audio daily Koran in Arabic and read the English translation.
Since the Quran was found in Arabic language, a need for translation was necessary since Islam are invading the world and spreading enormously. Muslim community translated the Quran to English with specific interpretations and absence of complex suspicions.  
Listening to recitations of Koran may differ from one country to another; different pronunciation and different Arabic language tones. However the meaning doesn’t change.
When reading the Quran, there will be different versions, since the word of God was said the Muhammad who didn’t know how to write, he transmitted the words to his followers who wrote them down, and each follower wrote on his own way.
Free Quran can be streamed online for all Muslim people wherever they live. Free online audio Quran can be listened to for the duties of Islam, and to pray 5 times daily.
The Quran was initially written in the Arabic language, however there are 7 readings of the Quran and they exist in different versions. Some say that the Quran is identical anywhere in this world, but different versions are recited and found in books. 
Facts about the Quran:
Who wrote the Quran?
The Quran was written by different followers of Muhammad. Since Muhammad was illiterate and couldn’t write Arabic. He recited the words and they were written down in what we call Quran, Koran. After Muhammad emigrated and formed a Muslim community, he started to recite the Koran and teach and guide by Islamic rules. Many versions of Quran exist but now, only one is used among all Muslims.
When Was the Quran Written?
All the writings were collected in the caliphate of 'Uthman and the canonical text were established around 650 A.D.
How many Quran Verses and Surah are there?
The Koran has 6236 verses, and not 6666 verses as stated in some references. The longest Surah (chapter) contains 286 verses and the shortest contains 3 verses.
Surah are Quran chapters, there are 114 Surah in the Quran, and each Sura is formed from many Ayat, verses. Not all Surahs have same number of Ayats. They have rhymes and specific structure. Surahs are arranged by length, not chronologically. 
Each chapter starts with "Basmallah Al Rahman Al Rahim", in the name of Allah
What Does the Quran Contain?
Quran contains messages of peace, mercy, and forgiveness. Koran contains the words of God, includes the duties of Islam and their devotion to Allah. Koran contains facts about the universe and Earth, about biology and Astronomy, genetics and Medical science.  
Quran Recitation:
There are instructions about how the Quran should be recited. Tajwid is one technique of recitation. There are schools where recitation is taught. Pronunciation of words is very essential with specific articulation that could change the meaning of the words and messages in the holy Koran.    
The Quran engraves in Muslims' memory that there is one God and there are 2 kinds of people: the good and the bad. The Koran mentions that there is a day of judgment, therefore welfare is necessary.