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Star Academy Arabia 2013 in its 9th season debuted on 26 September 2013 and lasts over 9 weeks. The team did the preparations in total confidentiality and changed the decoration and location of the Academy fully, than past seasons.
The primes of Star Academy 9 are aired every Thursday in Platea Sahel Alma - Jounieh  above Tokyo Lebanon; and they are broadcast Live exclusively on LBC and CBC.

Star Academy Arabia 9 is produced by "Endemol Middle East," run by Lara Haddad. 

Hilda Khalife remains the presenter of Star Academy in its 9th season. Claudia Marchelian is the head of the Academy, replacing Rola Saad.

Meet the teachers of Star Academy Arabia 9:



Below are the Names of the participants in Star Academy Arabia 2013:

From Lebanon:  Maria Sarkis, Jean Shahid, Zaki Sherif, Marita Abi Nader
From Syria: Nour Ferwaki,
From Morocco: Sakina Barkis, Zeinab Ousama
From Kuwait: Issa Al Marzouk
From Tunisia: Maysa2 Al Hajiri, Lilia Ben Shikhar
From Egypt: Rana Samaha, Mahmoud Mehyi , Maher Mostafa, Monna El Hani
From Jordan : Masaad Al Khatib
From KSA : Abdallah Abdel Aziz 

Previous Winners of Star Academy Arabia:

  1. Winner of STAR ACADEMY 1 : Mohamed Attieh (EGYPT)
  2. Winner of STAR ACADEMY 2 : Hesham Abdel Rahman (SAUDIA ARABIA)
  3. Winner of STAR ACADEMY 3 : Jospeh Attieh (LEBANON)
  4. Winner of STAR ACADEMY 4 : Shaza Hassoun (IRAQ)
  5. Winner of STAR ACADEMY 5 : Nader Quirat (TUNISIA)
  6. Winner of STAR ACADEMY 6 : Abdel Aziz Abdel Rahman (SAUDIA ARABIA)
  7. Winner of STAR ACADEMY 7 : Nassif Zaitoun (Syria)
  8. Winner of STAR ACADEMY 8 : Nesma Mahjoub (EGYPT)
  9. Winner of STAR ACADEMY 9: Mahmoud Mehyi (EGYPT)

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Star Academy Photos 

Star Academy has been hosted on LBCI for 9 years.

Star Academy in the Middle East shown on the Lebanese TV station: LBCI, and aired for 4 months with a Real TV Station put 24/7 showing the life of the candidates inside the academy. The presenter of the show for all six seasons that passed was Hilda Khalifeh. The show is originally adapted from the French version and also based on the Spanish one.  Taking place in Lebanon, exactly in Adma, in LBC's studios. It started in 2003 with huge number of contestants applying to become real candidates in the show, and the number of contestants is increasing year after year due to the success of the show and fame that the candidates are achieving.

16 candidates were accepted in the academy for season 1 and 2, and 19 candidates for seasons 3 and 4, and during the 4 months they are put under training, studying, and acquiring all knowledge they need in order to become real stars, or let us say to have ONE star at the end of the program. Nominations, done every Tuesday according to evaluation test, eliminate one candidate out of three every week on Friday in the prime. The public saves the nominated candidates through voting by phone calls and SMS, the one with the least rate gets out, and the candidates are obliged to choose one candidate to leave them. And this is a true difficult decision when candidates start building friendship among each other, or it could even be so easy and done in a tactical way, since in the end they are here to compete.

The six winners of Star Academy: Mohammed Attia/Attieh (Egyptian), Hisham Abdelrahman(Saudi Arabia) , Joseph Attieh(Lebanese), Shaza Hassoun(Iraqi), Nader Quirat (Tunis), and Abd El Aziz (Saudi Arabia)

Not only had the winners got the biggest fame of all, but even other candidates who got to the final stages. We mention those who released albums, singles and video clips: Ahmed El Sherif, Bashar Al Shatty, Sofia El Mareekh, Bahaa' El Kafy, Amani Swaysi,  Fadi Andrawos,Saad RamadanMichel Azzi, Michel Rmeih,  …and  some others.

The success of the candidates has been accompanied with the contribution of the teachers: Mary Mahfouz ( Voice techniques), Michel Fadel ( Songs' Practice),Wael Jabbar (Sports), Alisar Caracalla (Dance), Gabriel Yammin (Theater), Nazem Farah ( Show Teacher), Wadih Abi Raad (Songs' Practice), Osama Rahbani (Musical Education)  and the Academy director: Roula Saad.

Each prime held many surprises for the candidates, those of which were the dream to come true, and others that has truly been some sort of astonishments.

Tina Yamout prepared a duet with Chris De Burgh, Sally Ahmed signed a contract with Rotana for 3 years, and acted in a movie series. And many TV and magazine interviews were done with the candidates, MTV, Jaras, Dream TV…

Shaza Hassoun was granted the gift of undergoing a nose surgery but it couldn't be done due to her allergy on some medicines.

However, LBC signs contracts with the candidates and they sort of put harsh rules that could stop them from going upwards on the fame ladder. Just like Amal signing with Rotana was postponed until expiry of contract with LBC. Same as for Ahmad Daoud who was given from Prince El Waleed Ben Talal, the star role in a movie Kef Al Hal…

After each season, the candidates who stayed in the final stage go on tour in the Arab World and they perform for their fans. They perform concerts in Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Bahrain, Morocco, Kuwait, KSA, and Oman….everywhere.

Some countries from the Arab world didn't easily accept the idea of the whole program. Many people criticized Star Academy. The criticism involved the intimate relationships between the candidates and how they were kissing and hugging each other, knowing that such actions are not accepted everywhere due to cultural differences.