Arabic Transliteration

ListenArabic Ta3reeb is a tool that helps you in transliteration from English to Arabic. Use the English characters to type in Arabic. Many computers don’t have the Arabic keyboard, and many people find it difficult to type in Arabic, for this reason, we found the best solution and we provide you with the easiest way to write Arabic. Use our smart Arabic keyboard,it converts words that you type with Latin characters into their closest Arabic equivalent. Just type it the way you say it! It's a language input tool that transforms English letters to Arabic. 

The rules are very simple, you write with English characters the Arabic pronunciation or the Arabic sound of the word, and your Arabic words are directly created for you to use.

For example, if you want to use the Arabic chat language and say: Ennani Astame3 ila ajmal alaghany Al 3arabiya 3ala radio ListenArabic  

The transliteration tool directly gives you the Arabic words: إنني أستمع إلى أجمل الأغاني العربية على راديو ليسن اربيك

Give it a try!